Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cam Goes HOME

Cameron was patient. He waited for his forever home. Sometimes it seemed like a dream. When he came into rescue, he was close to staving to death. Then he had heartworm, a blood-borne illness and a bladder infection. He got treated for it all, but the heartworm medicine put him at death's door again. He fought it off. Everyone who has met him falls in love with him. He greets every human as a potential friend, loves kids and meets other dogs with a friendly, proud tail wag. He deserves the best and he's going to get it. On Saturday, April 11, Cam goes home! He'll be heading from Wisconsin to Maryland, going from volunteer driver to volunteer driver until he reaches his new family. Thanks and blessings to all those volunteers for seeing Cam home. Thanks Pilot Mike for taking me to my forever home.
Only first class window seat for me.
Waiting for my luggage.

Look at him. Remember his first picture? He'd lost that spark and he'd lost hope. Now his picture reflects his gentle, deep spirit. His foster family says safe travels, Cameron. We love you and we'll miss you so.

Cam Gets Well

Cameron is on the road to recovery! He's fought through the heartworm treatments and the antibiotics for his various ailments. He rested and rested. Now he's an eating machine. His playfulness is back. Check him out on the back deck playing with foster sib Abby.

And here is Cammy showing his stellar dog greeting skills. He's proud, and he knows how to wag that tail!

And finally, Cam coming at the park. First, from far away and next a closer one. What a good boy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Foster sibs love Cammy

Cameron has won over his foster sibs Duncan and Abby. Well, they're still jealous, but everyone likes to cuddle in bed in a pile of puppies.