Friday, January 30, 2009

Cam Goes to the Vet

Mr. Cameron had a visit at the vet this week. He has gained 10# and now weighs 48#. He's still skinny, but it's no longer life-threatening. Cheeseheads know how to gain weight. Just look in the stands at Lambeau. Cameron was calm and gentle at the vets and got his shots. Next step: get neutered!

Our Daily Bread

Cameron's Top 10 Treats to Gain Weight:
10. Boring homemade, time-intensive, healthy dog treats
9. Hollow bones stuffed with treats
8. Applesauce
7. Pineapple
6. Cheese Curds
5. Red Lobster Leftovers
4. Any human leftovers
3. Anything from the trash (yum) (Why do they keep the lid closed? It's a buffet, right?)
2. Frozen Chicken Wings (they make my teeth shiny)

1. The heel of a loaf of bread.
That's right, this boy will do anything for a bite of ordinary bread. Go figure.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doggy Door

Cameron is one smart boy. He watched his foster sibs go in and out the doggy door and was doing it like a pro within minutes of seeing it. He also comes when we say Cam! Come!

Romps in the Snow

Cameron is enjoying his time out in the snow. Every day he has a little more spring in his step. A little more energy. A few more doggy smiles. Now he is feeling stronger, his graceful tail gently wags all the time. He likes his foster sibs and happily lopes after them. Cameron has gained a few more pounds and now weighs 47.3#.

He's a little big for his English Cocker foster sib's coat, but he appreciates it in the bitter cold.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cheese Curds as Pill Hider

Want to know the best place to hide Cameron's pills? Inside a lucious cheese curd. Seriously. With his love of cheese curds and cream cheese, he's a Dairyland Setter, through and through, although he's willing to come to your town if you're the right one for him! Oh, yeah, and look at how quickly this boy learned how to sit.

Cameron Settles In

Cameron is safe at his new foster home in Wisconsin. Since his foster sibs, Abby and IBR adoptee Duncan, are spayed and neutered, Cameron has no enticement to mark his new household. He was leashed to his foster moms or crated for the first few days with outside potty breaks every 2 hours. Cameron had two near flubs in the first few days, but he was quickly redirected outside. Potty-training success! He now has full house privileges. What a smart boy.

On his first night, Cameron snuggled into his soft bed of blankets on the floor.

Cam Gains Weight!

At his first foster home, Cameron gained 8 pounds in a little over two weeks! His foster mom credits good food, fresh air, playing with her children and cream cheese.

This boy is very interested in his unspayed foster sister. He likes to show her he's a great catch by marking the house and challenging the other unneutered male. Cameron must be younger than we thought, because he's still got an eye for the ladies! As soon as he gains a little more weight he'll be neutered, which should curb his enthusiasm and marking. In the meantime, Cameron is going to a new foster home with less temptation so that he can learn the rules for living with people. All dogs must pee outside is Rule #1.

Cam's Journey to Foster Care

Cameron began to perk up on the car trip to foster care. Look at how his head is lifted and his tail is starting to wag. He's checking out his world and surroundings.

And here he is, safe, clean and warm. Poor boy weighs only 38#. IBR will be monitoring his health and getting him proper vetting, but mostly he just needs good, healthy food and a warm, soft place to sleep. Time and love will heal him.