Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toddler tested, toddler approved

Cameron is great with kids. He's gentle and happy to see them, whether outside at the park, on the sidewalk or in the house. Here he is with Quentin. Quentin threw balls, flailed his arms and generally was a 16-month old. Nothing fazed Cam. He even let Quentin step on his tail repeatedly.

Ok, we did as you asked...

now dole out the treat, lady! You said sit, we sat. Pay up. We don't want any trouble.

Cameron Gets to the Point

Cameron and foster family enjoyed a lovely day at the park. It was sunny and above freezing for the first time in weeks. We took advantage of it, spending lots of time outside.

A tired dog is a good dog!

Can we go to the park now?

We've waited so patiently for you to finish sitting in front of that little lighted thingie where you tap your fingers on a board. C'mon!